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    DEVELOR International Summary

    DEVELOR is one of the fastest growing international learning & development organizations in EMEA. Over the past 29 years, we have successfully grown our operations across 16 countries including Spain, United Arab Emirates, Poland and other European markets. In addition to this, we partner with a strong affiliate network to deliver high quality, leading edge, people development solutions to more than 500 clients yearly across more than 30 countries


    DEVELOR Partner Concept

    Continuing our journey of growth and success, we look to expand into new markets. An operation in the UK will enable us to provide a full training coverage for our valued clients in Europe and in the Middle East. Finding the right team in the UK is crucial for these purposes. The successful partner will be invited to join us through our DEVELOR Partner Concept, already proven as successful in over 16 countries.

    Narrow Focus for UK Operation

    For UK start up purposes, our market growth strategy indicates we will use a narrow product focus chosen from our wide portfolio. Yet we remain with an open mind to hear UK expert’s views on local positioning in a competitive market.

    Our vision in the UK is to become a sought-after boutique solution-provider for state-of-the-art learning and development of training services locally.

    We seek preferably a small team (or group of individuals) with a proven track record who will be excited, as an exclusive UK DEVELOR Partner, at the opportunity to grow DEVELOR presence rapidly in the UK.

    We believe that there is already momentum to start our operation in the UK. The entire L&D business is in a never-before-witnessed transformation that is creating new opportunities within the markets. DEVELOR sees a growing need for several areas in which we have special expertise and relevant services; as course examples – Remote Management, Resilience, Efficiency in HO, or the popular Digital Mindset course.

    DEVELOR is the ideal partner for those organizations who want to manage their international people development requirements with a reliable partner. Our offices and partners can provide a one-stop shopping opportunity. The UK operation can access the regional and international decision-makers with DEVELOR International support.

    Who DEVELOR Are Looking For?

    The ideal UK Partner will be a small established and highly self-motivated team of around 3-5 people*. A non-negotiable life passion for working in the people development industry will open our door. We will be looking for your commitment to intense business growth as the exclusive local representative of an international network. The right team has to be strong, reliable and trustworthy; it must have a background in either L&D and/or generalist HR experience.

    Of critical importance it must have the vision, ambition and tenacity to partner with us to build a significant business in the UK… the sky can be the limit!

    *whilst this opportunity is best suited to a small organization that is already established, we are willing to consider a partnership with a team of individuals who has the ability and appetite to build a fast-growing business). 

    Your strength will lie in your vision for creating a future-focused learning and development market in the UK. We are specifically looking for a team that has the confidence to step outside their comfort zone to pursue new opportunities and challenges, and who are energised by thinking creatively about how to stay a step ahead in the world of learning and development in a VUCA world.

    We will be looking carefully to evidence a strong work ethic, a strong network of key decision-makers and track record of delivering against ambitious delivery plans.

    Your strong sales and relationship building skills and ability to work as a trusted advisor will enable you to work effectively with our colleagues from HQ and the rest of the DEVELOR network.


    As the new UK DEVELOR team, your remit will be to lead the set-up of DEVELOR operations locally. We will look to you to research market opportunity to propose the optimal UK strategy and direction for its growth.

    Your plans for the UK to be included within a carefully considered start-up budget will include a clear path for scaling operations; key market segments and clients for initial focus and investment; and a clear route to market with defined timescales and milestones. Once agreed with DEVELOR HQ, we will look to you to drive the operational plans forward and build the local business.

    DEVELOR Support Package

     For the right team, we believe this is an exciting opportunity to accelerate and scale your own business with the backing, infrastructure and product portfolio of a well-established, market-leading learning and development provider. Through the partnership arrangement, DEVELOR HQ would provide you with access to:

    • An innovative product portfolio that is continually maintained and developed further
    • Our exclusive and cutting-edge assessment and diagnostic tools
    • Support with brand promotion and regular marketing campaign materials
    • Client references, case studies, and CRM&ERP system with full access to client history and contact data of 16 countries
    • Sales support and the use of a proposal writing software with full content
    • UK Team Onboarding and continuous Training (TTT, sales and marketing training, system use)
    • A diverse international community with regular annual international events
    • Other ad-hoc support as and when relevant and requested

    DEVELOR UK Package

    Our Partnership Model is based on a Joint Venture approach. The local Develor company is owned by the local partner(s) and Develor International. The distribution of shares at the start-up phase is based on three elements:

    • the potential of the local partner based on the strength of the Business plan
    • the existing client portfolio and quality of the network of the partner
    • the size, maturity and track record of the team fully committed to the partnership.

    Once the UK business is up and running and the UK Team has demonstrated successful start-up performance, DEVELOR International is prepared to offer up to 80% of DEVELOR UK equity for hand-over to the team. The timing for equity distribution be measured by results compared with the business plan, hopefully to be completed within 2 full fiscal years of operations.  

    The precise details of this arrangement will be discussed and agreed as part of the engagement process.  

    Are You a Perfect Partner for DEVELOR?

    We hope that you are as excited about this opportunity as we are. DEVELOR is an incredible community of exceptional people; people passionate about learning and development and we are ready and waiting to invite you to join us.

    If you want to know more about DEVELOR – head over to our website and check us out at DEVELOR | We grow individuals and teams at work.

    If you are interested in discussing this partnership opportunity further, please contact us for an introductory meeting.


    Applicants qualified from introductory meetings will be invited to sign an NDA in order to receive more detailed information of the business model and other aspects.

    The next stage you will be invited to design and build an outline start up business plan for UK. This plan should demonstrate the route to market and capability to scale.

    The outline business plan will be submitted to Develor International Head Office addressed to the Chairman, who will be exclusively responsible for the appointment.

    In the first instance if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to
    contact Kate Avery on +44 (0)7801 948839 or
    or leave your details below.

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