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    DEVELOR organized the first International Customer Experience Conference of the EMEA region with great success in Budapest on 4 March 2015. Representing 10 countries nearly a hundred participants listened to great presentations and shared their experiences during workshops.

    While nearly 80 percent of companies consider their customer experience above average, only 8 percent of the consumers agree. Zsolt Pozvai, CEO of DEVELOR International emphasized that companies’ ability to deliver customer experience should always be based on three dimensions: the appropriate organizational background, culture and commitment; a comprehensive knowledge and optimization of processes; and a workforce dedicated to customer experience. The latter area has plenty of room for development since the way employees relate to their workplace affects the way they contact and treat customers.

    This issue was well exemplified by Riccardo Magnani, Director of Ford Dealer and Customer Experience Europe. Ford managed to raise the level of customer experience by developing staff commitment and deploying tools of positive psychology. By mapping problems and processes, involving external coaches, dealerships involved in the program precedes show significantly increasing performance year by year.


    Purchase decisions result from both rational thoughts and irrational impulses, but the latter are very difficult to measure. Tim Routledge, Chief Experience Officer of Experience Insight introduced a scientific approach to better overcome this problem. A similar solution analyzing the purchase process was presented by Gábor Duránszkai, managing director of Momentor Research. Equipped with special tools that measure physical stress indicators like heart and respiratory rate, mystery shoppers tested a simple bank account opening process. The results showed perfectly the situations and stages that affect the client badly, therefore need to be managed, filtered and mitigated.

    As closing of the conference DEVELOR held an award ceremony for the Best CX Project in 2014. Telekom Hungary took the prize for their Mobile Scholar program, while ‘Best Customer Experience Project 2014’ Award went to K&H Bank for an innovative, personalized credit counseling service also available via video conference.

    “There were many excellent applications thisyear, and we hope that next year even more exciting projects will take part in the competition “- said János Bartók, CEO of MetLife Hungary on behalf of the jury.

    The event’s site:

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