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    Target group

    • All levels

    How many people?

    8 - 12

    How long will it take?

    3 days

    • Classroom Training
    • Virtual Training

    Although we use a wide variety of digital devices and software, most of us do not use them consciously, or are not aware of the full spectrum of the possibilities they offer. We are satisfied with getting familiar with the regularly used, basic functions, and do not dedicate time or energy to the rest. Perhaps we are just not interested. However, even a small trick could significantly increase our efficiency.

    This course is designed for those who would like to become more confident and simplify their work by using the relevant technologies. This highly tailor-made programme intends to map out and focus on the most problematic areas of work, from a digital point of view, along a structured approach: the DEVELOR Digital Navigator. It formulates attitudes and deepens user knowledge related to the selected software(s). It also improves participants’ personal efficiency with the help of conscious selection and the application of digital tools most appropriate for their different, job-related daily activities.

    Personal digital efficiency

    Prior to the course, we map the Current Digital Habits and Solutions at company, as well as the problem points in using digital technologies that inhibit development and individual efficiency. We also gather information about the participants’ general approach and attitude to digital technology and the potential areas they would like to develop through an online questionnaire.

    Building on this information, we devote significant time on deepening the participants’ knowledge of the software(s) they often use at company. We teach useful tricks and techniques that help them exploit the different features better. Therefore participants are not only enriched with methodology, but with ideas, suggestions and best practices about specific tools.

    With the help of DEVELOR’s Digital Navigator Model participants also learn a structured approach to find, consciously select and evaluate digital tools, which can help them in their daily work.

    And last but not least they create their own personal journey and action plan for a long-lasting and successful change in their digital habits.

    Course objectives

    • use specific – possibly unknown – features of software(s) used at company on a daily basis and learn useful hints and tricks how to use them more efficiently
    • review own working practices for efficiency from a digital point of view and identify “pain points” where digital technology could help
    • apply a method to find potential applications which can help overcome difficulties
    • identify potential digital tools to improve daily practices
    • create a work plan and process for changing their own practices


    • enhancing knowledge and understanding of the most frequently used terms and notions about the digital world
    • receiving practical help to find appropriate tools with the help of the DEVELOR Digital Navigator model
    • deepening user knowledge of the software(s) used at company on a daily basis
    • gathering ideas and best practices on useful digital tools and solutions to improve general individual efficiency
    • strategy – typical blockers to change and ways to overcome them
    • individual- and team-level action planning for a successful transition

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